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Birmingham Contemporary Music Group

Lena Zeliszewska, Violin
Ulrich Heinen, Violoncello
John Snijders, Piano                                 

Charles E. Ives  Trio for Violin, Cello and Piano (1904-14) 15' 
  I. Moderato   
  II. TSIAJ ("This scherzo is a joke")  Presto   
  III. Moderato con moto   
john Cage  Water Music (1952) 6' 
  Piano Solo   
Morton Feldman  Durations II (1960) 5' 
  for violoncello and piano   
Elliott Carter  Figment II Remembering Mr Ives (2001) 5' 
   for solo cello  
Elliott Carter Epigrams (2012) 13'

Introductions: Stephan Meier, Artistic Director, BCMG

Charles Ives (1874 – 1954) is undoubtedly the father-figure of North-American modern music. Ahead of its time, his music was innovative, daring and explorative. One of his greatest works, the Trio that opens this concert, is a reflection on the composer’s time at Yale University.

It was Ives that encouraged the late great Elliott Carter (1908 – 2012) to study composition. Carter’s short Figment II recalls fragmentarily bits of Ives’ Concord Sonata and Hallowe’en – two Ives pieces he particularly loved.

As an internationally-renowned contemporary ensemble, BCMG has premiered over 170 works from many of the world’s leading composers – including the world premiere of Carter’s last ever work, Epigrams, at the 2013 Aldeburgh Music Festival.



CONTEMPORARY LUNCHTIME CONCERTS supported by Arts Council of Wales with a Pay What You Will price tag

13.00  START 
14.00  FINISH                                                                     


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